Recent News from the Courts on Syed vs State

Adnan's conviction was vacated by Baltimore Circuit Court in late June 2016, following the PCR hearing that February. As expected the ruling was appealed and now the case is with the Court of Special Appeals (CSAalso known as COSA), Maryland's first level Appellate Court.

On 8 June 2017 there was a public hearing of the "Oral Arguments" for both appeals, in Annapolis the Maryland State Capital. Both sides had a little over 30 minutes, and both spent most of their time answering the judges' questions. All the observers have noted how well the judges knew the details of the case. For further details of the hearing please see reports from ABC, Baltimore Sun, Seema Iyer's Bollywood Lawyer podcast and a blog from Maryland Appellate lawyer Erica Suter and naturally Undisclosed have produced a special episode. You may also listen to an audio file of the full hearing which was purchased from the court and shared by one of Adnan's supporters. There is no set timetable or deadline for the judges to publish their decision, but people who know the system well suggest 3-9 months is a likely timeframe.

For further reading, while we wait, CSA have (re)published the four legal briefs, and also provided one of the four complementary appendices some of which are new to the public. Details and links to the all new documents are on this new wiki page

Adnan applied for Bail after the retrial was granted, which was denied, this wasn't surprising given CSA's outstanding interest, the State's opposition, and this being a homicide case. However, the application for leave to appeal this bail denial is still in process, and will be considered, and possibly repeated, once the CSA appeal decision is made.


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