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These are the Baltimore City Police Department's Progress Reports. You can also find them by searching for the tag "Progress Report."

They are sourced from two MPIA requests made by different people and extracted from different parts of the BPD archives, which produced different collections of Progress Reports, often duplicates but in other cases significantly different information. Hard copies are scans of BPD's paper archives, produced in the 2015 "15 459" MPIA some are signed by the author or even by the approving supervisor; Lotus Notes copies were from the 2016 "Lotus Notes" MPIA and were not necessarily printed but generated from the BPD's Lotus Notes database, originally in response to a 2014 MPIA request by Dana Chivvis from the Serial podcast team. Dates shown in the link to each are the report date shown on the PDF, presumably the date when it was written or completed by the officer, but generally not the date of events described; on the PDFs report dates are sometimes partially obscured under the red MPIA marks.

February 1999

March 1999

  • 3/1/1999 Monday
    • MacGillivary and Ritz transported ASA Mark Cohen [SAO Homicide Division Chief] to Adnan Syed bail review and then interviewed Krista M (Lotus Notes 3/2/1999)
    • A longer progress report about investigators' interview of Krista M [report is erroneously dated 2/29/1999] (hard copy 4/27/1999) (Lotus Notes 4/27/1999)
  • 3/2/1999 Tuesday
    • Investigators responded to Baltimore County and "interviewed several individuals who had information concerning the homicide of Hae Min Lee" (Lotus Notes 3/3/1999). [There are only records of interviews with Aisha, Debbie and Ann on this date (cover sheets only).]
  • 3/3/1999 Wednesday
    • Met with ASA Vickie Wash and decided to obtain a search warrant for Adnan Syed's car; delivered subpoena to Bell Atlantic Cockeysville; Ritz contacted Jennifer P; Ritz, MacGillivary and Wash plan to interview Jennifer P (Lotus Notes 3/3/1999)
  • 3/4/1999 Thursday
  • 3/5/1999 Friday - MacGillivary spent the day 3/5/99 "in an attempt to locate persons who had spoken to the suspect on the day of the murder" (Lotus Notes 3/7/1999)
  • 3/9/1999 Tuesday
  • 3/11/1999 Thursday - MacGillivary and Ritz interviewed Jeff J (Cathy-Kristi's boyfriend) at the offices of homicide, and then interviewed Cathy-Kristi (Lotus Notes 3/22/1999)
  • 3/15/1999 Monday - Investigators picked up Jay Wilds for another interview (hard copy 3/17/1999) (Lotus Notes 3/17/1999)
  • 3/16/1999 Tuesday - Investigators served grand jury subpoenas on Saad Chaudry and Jennifer P to appear on 3/17, tried but failed to find Tayyib H, spoke with Bilal who will also appear on 3/17 (hard copy 3/17/1999) (Lotus Notes 3/17/1999)
  • 3/17/1999 Wednesday - Investigators served grand jury summons at Cristina Gutierrez's office and discussed strategy with Sgt Lehman and ASA Vickie Wash (Lotus Notes 3/22/1999)
  • 3/18/1999 Thursday - MacGillivary and Ritz picked up Jay Wilds and took him on a ride along (Lotus Notes 3/19/1999)
  • 3/19/1999 Friday
    • Investigators contacted BFI to inquire about possibility of recovering shovels, clothing, keys, wallet from Rite Aid, Caldor, Petsmart dumpsters, possibility unknown, should get answer by 3/24/99 (hard copy 3/19/1999) (Lotus Notes 3/19/1999)
    • Ritz obtained search and seizure warrants for the Syed's residence on 3/19/99, to be served on 3/20/99 (hard copy 3/22/1999)
  • 3/22/1999 Monday
    • Investigators executed warrant on Syed residence; items submitted into evidence through Crime Lab Technician Emmanuel Obot (Lotus Notes 3/22/1999)
    • Investigators went to Woodlawn and interviewed teachers, then met with Sgt Steven Lehmann and ASA Vickie Wash (Lotus Notes 3/22/1999)
  • 3/23/1999 Tuesday - Investigators went to Woodlawn High School and interviewed Adnan Syed's teachers (hard copy 3/26/1999) (Lotus Notes 3/26/1999)
  • 3/24/1999 Wednesday - Investigator obtained warrants for Adnan Syed's person and car (hard copy 3/26/1999) (Lotus Notes 3/26/1999)
  • 3/25/1999 Thursday
  • 3/26/1999 Friday - Investigators brought Debbie W. and Ann N. to Homicide for taped interviews (Lotus Notes 3/27/1999)
  • 3/29/1999 Monday - Investigators met with fingerprint and trace analysis unit, also met with state's attorneys office to discuss plans for indictment (hard copy 4/20/1999) (Lotus Notes 4/20/1999)
  • 3/31/1999 Wednesday - MacGillivary and Ritz attended Adnan Syed's bail review with ASA Vickie Wash (Lotus Notes 4/12/1999)

April 1999

  • 4/1/1999 Thursday - Ritz and Wash interviewed friends of suspect and victim in Baltimore County. (Lotus Notes 4/20/1999) [Refers to section F of folder for statements] [Report date may be erroneous. On 4/1/1999, according to Ritz's own interview notes he interviewed Nisha that evening, confirmed by defense notes. No other record exist of police/SAO interviews on 4/1/1999. On 4/9/1999 Ritz and Wash did interview several students at Woodlawn High School on and, according to Progress Reports only, also went to Silver Spring to interview Nisha.]
  • 4/3/1999 Saturday
  • 4/7/1999 Wednesday
    • Describes meeting with Vickie Wash, grand jury subpoenas issued to Imran H, Tanveer Syed, and Yaser A to appear the following day; document subpoenas issued to Southwest Video, Drug Emporium (both for Jay), The Heartlands (for Jenn), NationsBank (for Adnan); "investigator set out and served each of them" (hard copy 4/17/1999) (Lotus Notes 4/17/1999)
    • William Ritz hand delivered a subpoena for Jennifer P's work records to The Heartlands, Elicott City (hard copy 4/29/1999)
    • William Ritz hand delivered a subpoena on Drug Emporium, 6501 Baltimore National Pike for Jay Wilds's work records (hard copy 4/29/1999)
  • 4/9/1999 Friday
    • Describes visit to Woodlawn with Wash to interview Rebecca "Becky" W, Nina P, Peter B, and Ja'uan G; followed by visit with Vickie Wash to interview Nisha in Silver Spring. (hard copy 4/17/1999) (Lotus Notes 4/17/1999) [Events may not have occurred on the same date. There is some corroborating paperwork dated 4/9 for the Becky, Nina, Peter and Ja'uan interviews, but the Nisha interview appears to have actually been on 4/1 - also see entry above.]
  • 4/12/1999 Monday
    • Obtained grand jury summons for Tanveer Syed and were unable to serve it; spoke with Jay Wilds and advised him of interview time at 7am on 4/13; interviewed manager at Best Buy about employee schedules and receipts for 1/13 (Lotus Notes 4/12/1999)
  • 4/13/1999 Tuesday
    • Describes meeting with Jay Wilds, meeting with Vickie Wash, grand jury (hard copy 4/20/1999) (Lotus Notes 4/20/1999)
    • Sgt Lehmann and Ritz transported Jay Wilds to Homicide interviewed him, transported him to Mercy and executed a search and seizure warrant for blood and hair, transported Wilds back home. Then investigators responded to the grand jury [date erroneously listed as 4/19/99] (Lotus Notes 4/20/1999)
    • MacGillivary faxed subpoena to Best Buy for journal rolls, records, and employment records for 1/13/99 (hard copy 4/29/1999)
    • MacGillivary faxed subpoena to Penn Sel [for number of Jennifer P's pager] (hard copy 4/29/1999)
    • Describes that Sprint Spectrum was subpoenaed [Bilal] (hard copy 4/29/1999)
  • 4/16/1999 Friday
    • Delivered subpoena on NationsBank for Adnan Syed's bank records; investigators conferred with Vickie Wash (Lotus Notes 4/17/1999)
  • 4/19/1999 Monday
    • Hastings delivered subpoena on NationsBank for Adnan Syed's bank records ; investigator spoke to Agent Graul of HIDTA about a subpoena for phone records "for an individual connected to this investigation" [Bilal] (Lotus Notes 4/20/1999) [Note same subpoena was described as served in Progress Report about 4/13 and other dates.]
    • Investigators interviewed Jay Wilds and took him for collection of blood and hair and then responded to the grand jury. (Lotus Notes 4/20/1999) [Date is problematic because blood and hair collection took place on 4/13/99 according to Evidence Chain of Custody records]
  • 4/20/1999 Tuesday
  • 4/29/1999 Thursday - Describes call from County Sgt Joseph O'Shea, reporting "Neighbor Boy" aka "E" incident (hard copy 4/29/1999) (Lotus Notes 4/29/1999)

October 1999

  • 10/8/1999 Friday - Detective Anthony Vaeth accompanied ASA KC Murphy and Abe Waranowitz to 12 listed locations to determine which cell sites would pick up calls [per Waranowitz, Jay Wilds also came along, but this is not recorded on the memo] (Lotus Notes 10/11/1999)

November 1999

  • 11/8/1999 Monday - Investigators met with members of Gutierrez's team to display evidence prior to trial (Lotus Notes 11/11/99)

December 1999

January 2000

March 2001

  • 3/9/2001 Wednesday - Adnan's car was released from the city yard to the registered owner (his father) after successful adjudication of the matter. (Lotus Notes 9/19/2001) [Jury verdict was Friday February 25, 2000, sentencing was Tuesday June 6, 2000. It is not clear what the reason for the delay was, nor what reason there for MacGillivary to wait a further 6 months to write the Progress Report. There is no corroboration of the date, as we have no Vehicle Release form for Adnan's Honda, although there is one for Hae's Nissan.]