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Records of all BPD held Evidence

BPD Evidence List, run at 9/29/99 14:00:10
BPD Evidence List, run at 10/12/99, 14:30:44 four additional items are now on the final page
Gutierrez team review of evidence 11/12/99 Incomplete but often contains more detail than BPD records. E.g. "Items from Back Seat" is described item by item and and includes Hae Min Lee's purse.
Other screenshots taken from the Gutierrez team evidence reviews, various dates 11/3, 11/8 and 11/12/1999

Leakin Park Crime Scene

Evidence Location Map 2/9/99 prepared by Crime Lab Technician Romano Thomas (computer aided design)
Burial Location Map 3/9/99 prepared by surveyor Phillip Buddemeyer (hand drawn over a printed map)
Laboratory Division Mobile Unit (Fingerprint) Report 2/9/99 - Physical evidence recovered from Leakin Park crime scene and brief description of 96 photos taken.
Google maps location of concrete blocks (Jersey walls) marking the position of the 1999 parking place on N Franklintown Road. A bicycle path was built alongside that stretch of road in the mid 2000's, so the parking place no longer exists, but the blocks and some of the wooden boundary posts can still be found.
Photos: Serial distributed four to the media as publicity shots, and Undisclosed retrieved five more from the court archive. These photos are mostly of views from N Franklintown Road, and none of them feature Hae Min Lee in any way. 87 other photos were taken but have been withheld out of respect.
Physical evidence recovered:
Kathleen Murphy's Summary of Notes of Rodriguez Findings 7/31/99

Defense video of Leakin Park Burial Site - September 20, 1999 (Davis filming, Gutierrez, Lewis and Buddemeyer present)

Evidence recovered from Hae’s Person

Autopsy - performed 2/10/99, signed 5/20/99

Hae’s Car & 300 Edgewood Lot

1998 Nissan Sentra GXE - tag FSV 645

Recovery: 2/28/99

Empty lot behind 300 Edgewood St
Google maps location of Unused lot bordered by Edgewood St, N Grantley St, W Lexington and W Mulberry St
Sgt. Forrester's Sketch of Hae's Car Location 2/28/99
Accurate Car Location based on sketch and on alignment of the objects visible in photos, using Google Earth.
Laboratory Division Mobile Unit (Fingerprint) Report 2/28/99 - four photos taken of Hae’s car, no testing.
Vehicle Processing Report 2/28/99 - record of towing (p3) Hae's car from Edgewood to BPD HQ.

Processing: 2/28/99

Vehicle Processing Area, BPD Headquarters, 601 E. Fayette Street,
Physical evidence recovered from Hae’s car
Laboratory Division Mobile Unit and Fingerprint Report 2/28/99. Latent prints, items collected into evidence and description of 40 photographs taken. 10 photos were recovered from the court archives by Undisclosed.
Towing and Release Information form (p3) - Car released to Young Lee on 3/7/1999.
  • No records for the car between processing on 2/28 (processing) and 3/7 (release to family).

Processing: 3/16/99

Unknown car repair business at 4400 Milford Mill Road, Pikesville
  • BPD video of Hae's Nissan Sentra 3/16/99
    • Video made nine days after the car was released by police to Hae's family.
    • There are no police reports describing either the visit or the video being registered to Evidence Control (there are such records for several interview tapes).
    • The location was identified from the sign of a neighbouring business shown in the video
    • The visit (with Det. Hastings) and date were described by Sgt Forrester during trial testimony.

Recovery/Processing: 4/12/99

Location unknown.
  • Windshield wiper selector arm - Inventory Sheet, Chain of Custody, Property Receipt (not signed by Lee family)
    • Item submitted into BPD Evidence 36 days after release of car from police custody, 27 days after the video above was made.
    • There are no contemporary police reports describing where or who this item was collected from.
    • It was submitted to Evidence Control by Detective Ritz, not Hastings or Forrester who shot the video.
    • Examination Request and Fracture Analysis - 4/12/99, 4/29/99 - wiper arm from Hae's car showed "no broken edges"

For reference: Nissan Sentra 1998 user manual and model variant specifications

Adnan Syed’s Arrest

Arrest: 2/28/99

Johnnycake Road, Catonsville, Baltimore County

Processing: 2/28/99

Homicide Unit, 6th floor, BPD Headquarters, 601 E Fayette St.
Laboratory Division Mobile Unit & Fingerprint Report 2/28/99 - 5 Photos taken of Adnan

Search and Seizure of Adnan’s hair/blood

Processing: 3/25/99

Mercy Medical Center
Habeus Corpus, BC Detention Center receipt, Medic notes from Mercy Hospital visit 3/25/99

Search and Seizure of Jay’s blood

Processing: 4/19/99 (?)

Mercy Hospital

First Search of Adnan’s Car

1987 Honda Accord - tag FHW-202

Recovery/Towing: 2/28/99 (?)

Johnnycake Road, Catonsville, Baltimore County
  • Tow Receipt 2/28/99 - Cherry Hill Towing "Police Unit 228" record of $60 charge to "tow form Baltimore County HQ" [not City], origin not given.
  • Vehicle Processing Report report dated 3/9/99, recovery date of 2/28/1999 - Describes processing requested for Adnan Syed's car, body believed to have been in trunk.
  • Note re dates: 2/28/99 is the date when Hae's car was recovered and that Adnan was arrested. All other paperwork describing or generated by the Search and Seizure of Adnan's Honda is dated 3/9/99 - nine days later, or undated.

Processing: 3/9/99

Vehicle Processing Area, BPD Headquarters, 601 E. Fayette Street
Progress report 3/9/99 (or 9/9/99) - describes Search and Seizure warrant of car and who was present. Location of the car is not recorded
Warrant return 3/9/99 - inventory of evidence collected from the car
Laboratory Division Mobile Unit (Fingerprint) Report 3/9/99 - 38 photos (one photo of CC# missing or unidentified) and physical evidence recovered from Adnan’s car
Inventory Sheet, Chain of Custody
  • Computer disk, retained by Detective MacGillivary, photo

Towing: 3/10/99

From BPD HQ to City Impound
Vehicle Report Form 83/5 3/10/1999 - records Adnan's car being towed by "Franford" from 601 E Lafayette St (BPD HQ) to City Yard (Pulaski Highway). Photo of car at City Impound showing rear windshield marked "3-10-99"

Second Search of Adnan’s Car

1987 Honda Accord - tag FHW-202

Processing: 3/25/99

Baltimore City Impound Yard - 6700 Pulaski Highway.
Laboratory Division Mobile Unit (Fingerprint) Report 3/25/99 - Physical evidence recovered from Adnan’s car
  • After leaving the Police Headquarters, the car was taken to 6700 Pulaski Highway. This photo at the City lot shows the date "3-10-99" written on the rear windshield. This is the Baltimore City towing and storage yard, not a dedicated police lot. This second search took place after the car had been out of police custody for 15 days
  • Ten photographs are available
  • Head liner swatch, front seat swatch, carpet swatch, vacuum sample from front seat - Inventory Sheet, Chain of Custody.
  • Details of what was collected can be found in Mobile Unit Report and Progress Report but they are only recorded collectively as "Swatches" in the evidence records

Search of Adnan’s Home

Processing: 3/20/99

Johnnycake Road, Catonsville, Baltimore County
Laboratory Division Mobile Unit Fingerprint Report 3/20/99 - Physical evidence recovered from Adnan’s home and photos taken. Inventory Sheet, Inventory Sheet changed circumstances, Chain of Custody
  • Basement: Pant; shirt; torn paper from pant pocket; pair of shoes (boot) basement [tan suede "Ramrod"]
  • 2nd floor front bedroom: textbook with photos, letters & cards; personal papers; CD; receipt; school grade report;
  • 2nd floor middle bedroom: pair of shoes (boot) [dark brown "Timberland"]; cellular phone; torn papers
  • Laboratory Report 4/29/99 - No association between soil at crime scene and soil in Adnan’s car or on boots seized from his house
  • Laboratory Report Fibers 6/1/99 - No match between Hae’s skirt fibers and Adnan’s jacket or boots
  • Certain photos taken during from this search have not been added for privacy reasons. Conversely some were described in the Mobile Lab report but were not present in the file, including close ups of the shirt, pants and torn paper all found in the basement.

Processing: 3/26/99

Laboratory Division Mobile Unit Fingerprint Report 3/26/99 - Record of physical evidence recovered from Adnan’s home, written six days after the search, noting another item was recovered and submitted into evidence, without explanation. Unsigned although handwriting is similar to Emanuel Obot, author of previous Lab Division report
  • Lint roller - Photo1, Photo2, Inventory Sheet corrected. Despite this correction, the lint roller does not appear on any subsequent records for that AC#, either Chain of Custody records or either set of Evidence Control Sheets.