This page is a very mixed bag. Nothing here is brand new, it is a list of files from Serial Podcast, Susan Simpson's blog, the 2016 Post Conviction hearing, "#AwesomeSteve", and various others sources and about various subjects, Cell Tower Signals, Track Team subpeonas, Abraham Waranowitz's affidavit, photos of Leakin Park and inside Hae's car, even an interview with "Neighbor Boy". The only common theme is that all were uploaded to the wiki at some point, but never (previously) linked to any particular wiki page. Hopefully this rough and ready list of links will make them easier for you to find. Enjoy.

Post Conviction (PCR) hearing 2016

Cell towers and phone records

From Susan Simpson's Jan 24 2015 blog post.
From other posts on Susan Simpson's View from LL2 blog.

Defense file

All via Colin Miller

Rabia Chaudry specials

Files provided by Rabia, either of her own creation or uncertain origin. First published either on her Split the Moon Blog or her twitter account.

Serial Dynasty/Truth and Justice Podcast

On his Truth and Justice Podcast Season 1, (original name Serial Dynasty) Bob Ruff interviewed a number of people closely related to the case, or with particular expertise, notably "Neighbor Boy" who had not spoken to Serial or Undisclosed podcast teams. Selected transcripts of those episodes from his podcast website.

Intercept Interviews with Jay Wilds and Kevin Urick

Shortly after the delayed publication of the altered both Vargas Cooper and Silverstein left the Intercept. Silverstein also deleted his twitter account.

Miscellaneous other files

Of course, on a page full of misfits, there had to be some that defied categorisation.

Photos from Undisclosed Podcast

Baltimore Police Department photos were used as State's Exhibits in Adnan's Trials. These copies were taken from the Circuit Court archives by Undisclosed Podcast and MSNBC Shift's 'The Docket'. Most are pdfs, the highest resolution available. Smaller jpg files are available on the Police Photos page

Leakin Park crime scene

Hae's Nissan at 300 Edgewood lot

Hae's car, Nissan Sentra. Location likely to be BPD HQ.

Adnan's bedroom

Photos from Serial Podcast

Photos used by Serial Podcast in their marketing, or distributed by them to media who were covering the podcast. There may be overlap with the BPD sourced photos from Undisclosed above.

BPD photos

Other photos

And yet more photos...

JPG copies of the Baltimore Police Department MPIA photos have been uploaded and are linked from a separate page.

Typed notes from Attorneys Colbert and Flohr about points to emphasise at Adnan's bail hearing, or bail review. From Rabia Chaudry's blog, possibly Gutierrez's handwriting