Documents from Adnan's Defense Team

After his arrest, Adnan's family hired attorneys Douglas Colbert and Chris Flohr, who tried, unsuccessfully, to get him out of jail on bail. From April 1999 they hired a new defense attorney, Maria Cristina Gutierrez. Some evidence from her files appears below.

During the February 2015 PCR hearing in Baltimore it was agreed that Gutierrez's files should be submitted as evidence and they became part of the official court records for this case. However they are not entirely publicly available (unless someone is offering to go to the Courts and take copies). The folder is apparently several hundred pages and has some new records, some repeats and also some of Flohr and Colbert's files which were, presumably, passed onto Gutierrez in 1999. In 2016 the State included a small selection as an appendix during the Court of Special Appeals process, and that Appendix is on a separate wiki page. The 3 other Appendices also submitted to COSA in 2016 were not published, but no explanation has been given for the disparity in COSA's treatment, it is possible it was a mistake resulting from the State's mislabelling of documents, although it was also never rectified.

Evidence Review

Transcript of defense team's review of the physical evidence 11/12/99 - incomplete but often contains better descriptions of items, especially grouped items, than either BPD Evidence Control records or lists as found in the MPIA file.

Evidence Collected

Adnan's AT&T Bill
Prayer Notes that Adnan and Bilal went over in anticipation of Adnan's 1/14/99 talk
Sections from Becky's Notebook

Interviews with Adnan

Handwritten notes 7/99 prepared by clerk from visit to Adnan in jail, mention of Asia McClain in library
Memo 8/25/99 from Gutierrez clerk written after visiting Adnan in jail, describing filming in detention center, relationship with Jay, Adnan's memories of January 13th
Handwritten notes 8/25/99 prepared by Adnan describing his day on 1/3/99
Memo 10/6/99 from Gutierrez clerk describing Hae being upset about Jay cheating on Stephanie
Memo 10/12/99 - lengthy interview by Gutierrez clerk of Adnan, regarding Hae's diary and his relationship with Hae
Memo 1/15/00 from Gutierrez clerk written after visiting Adnan in jail with his thoughts after the first trial. Describes his thoughts on Officer Adcock, Nurse Watts, Debbie and the "I am going to kill" note, track, and Jay, including his relationships with Stephanie and Jenn

Interviews with/Investigations into Other Witnesses

Undated snippet from defense files stating that Jay told Tayib Adnan showed him Hae's body at a gas station and he helped Adnan bury the body
Undated handwritten notes from defense files to contact a medical examiner
Undated handwritten notes from defense files about Asia, Jay, Stephanie
Notes 3/10/99 from defense investigator Drew Davis about interview with Sis about Jay's work schedule at Southwest Video
Memo 3/10/99 from defense investigator Drew Davis describing his interview with Stephanie at her home
Memo 3/11/99 from defense investigator Drew Davis describing his interview with Stephanie at Hae's memorial service
Memo 8/4/99 from Gutierrez clerk summarizing the police's anonymous call memo and summarizing an interview with Adnan's brother Tanveer and mother about Yaser Ali.
Memo Updated 8/4/99 - titled "Information in file concerning Jay Wilds," author unknown
Memo 8/21/99 - from Ali to Gutierrez summarizing an interview with Adnan's brother, called Ali here (though Adnan does not have a brother named Ali)
Handwritten Statement of Neighbor Boy 9/3/99 given to defense investigator Drew Davis
Memo 9/3/99 - Davis attempted to interview Jay
Memo 10/16/99 - one of Gutierrez's clerks lists the boys on the indoor track team, matches names and order of list from the Woodlawn High School yearbook who medaled in track
Memo 12/15/99 - Describes alibi witnesses that Davis would need to contact
Undated handwritten notes by Gutierrez clerk about Jay's third interview, but likely between first and second trials
Undated handwritten notes (by Gutierrez?) about Davis's interview with track coach Michael Sye, probably on March 3 1999
Undated handwritten notes by Gutierrez during Korell's direct testimony, unclear if first or second trial
Memo 1/21/00 from Gutierrez law student clerk summarizing Ja'uan's police interview
Memo 1/14/00 from colleague to Gutierrez with message from assistant track coach Russell, noting subpoena had been misaddressed to his former employer, Woodlawn High.
Memo 2/2/00 from Gutierrez clerk documenting efforts to look into Jay's accessory after the fact sentencing and Mr. S.'s indecent exposure charges


Task List undated - handwritten, not clear if it's Davis or a Gutierrez clerk
Notes undated - handwritten, by Gutierrez, topics include Debbie, Jay
Notes undated - handwritten, by Gutierrez, on Jenn P's 2/27/99 statement
Billing Summary 3/31/99 from Andrew Davis, describing work for bail hearing
Bill 06/29/99 - for work done from 4/7/99 to 6/29/99
Bilal's Waiver for Gutierrez 07/09/99 - allowing her to work for Adnan after having earlier represented Bilal at the Grand Jury
Task List 9/4/99 - lengthy defense task list discussed on Undisclosed
Extracts from March 1999 report into Don's alibi by Andrew Davis.
Memo 9/16/99 suggesting Gutierrez was confusing the Acosta Martinez case with Adnan's case

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