District Court of Maryland for Baltimore City

Arrest Warrant and Statement of Charges 28 February 1999

Where was Adnan held after his arrest?

After his arrest on 28 Feb, Adnan was taken to "Central Booking" aka the Central Booking Intake Center, on 300 E. Madison St. - Address source (The 300 E. Madison St is the actual Center address, although there is also a property pick-up address nearby at 301 E. Eager St)

On 1 March Adnan was moved to the Baltimore City Detention Center (BCDC) according to this 7 page log from BCPD files which also includes visitors logs and court appearances. BCDC is located at 401 E. Eager St. Source:

1999 - Applying for Bail after arrest

District Court of Maryland for Baltimore City

Colbert's request to Judge Hargrove, for reconsideration of No Bail status, 9 Mar 1999

Circuit Court for Baltimore City

Transcript of Bail Hearing, 31 March 1999 Adnan is represented by Doug Colbert (with Chris Flohr). The State is represented by Vickie Wash (under supervision from Mark Cohen, Chief of Homicide Division at the SAO).

Judge D Mitchell's Denial of Bail, 1 April 1999

Court of Special Appeals

14 April 1999. Colbert contacts Harry Marshall, Senior Legal Advisor - U.S. Justice Dept about the claims which Wash said Marshall had made about a pattern of absconding Pakistani men. Marshall refused to comment, but afterwards he tries to contact Wash (see page 4 of this document from Gutierrez's files).

14 April 1999. Colbert applies to the Court of Special Appeals asking them to review Judge Mitchell's "No Bail" decision (document not available).

21 April 1999. Wash writes to Judge Mitchell to "correct the record" about "two of the statements [she] made to court" during Adnan's bail hearing. (see page 4 and 5)

22 April 1999. Colbert writes to Patricia Jessamy, the elected State's Attorney for Baltimore City, asking to discuss ASA Vickie Wash's "improper and erroneous assertions concerning Mr. Syed’s nationality, ethnicity, ancestry, and religion" and that her "presentation was wholly outside the boundaries of proper argument." (see page 8 )

3 May 1999. Colbert submits a Motion to CoSA asking them to add Vicky Wash's "correction" to the record. (see page 1,2 and 3)

2016 - Applying for Bail after the retrial is granted

Baltimore Circuit Court

There are few cases in Maryland's court history which are granted retrial after having had a journey up and down the Maryland court system in a way similar to Adnan's.

24 October 2016. After Adnan's conviction was overturned in 2016, his attorney C Justin Brown made a new application for bail (with exhibits of additional supportive evidence about Jay Wild's police records and a pathologist report on burial time). Broadly the grounds are Adnan's exemplary behaviour, community support and because the "State’s evidence against Syed...has crumbled in the face of ongoing investigation."

7 November 2016. State of MD files their Response to Motion for Release, opposing Adnan's bail request. There is a new lead attorney, "Chief Special Counsel" Charlton T. Howard.

18 November 2016. Justin Brown submits Adnan's Reply to the recent "Response" from the State to the Baltimore City Circuit Court.

28 December 2016. Judge Martin Welch responds that Adnan will not be allowed out on bail because he believes he doesn't have the authority due to the pending Appeals, and also because he wants to demonstrate "an overabundance of caution" with respect to the rules he says apply in this case.

27 January 2017. Justin Brown submits an Application for Leave to Appeal against the refusal of Bail.

More info can be found at the EvidenceProf Blog (see our index) and in various Undisclosed Podcast episodes: Series 1: Episode 7 and Addendum 7 (discussing 1999 events) and Series 2: Bonus Episode: Bail (2016 application for Bail) and Bonus Addendum: Conditions of Release (featuring Chris Flohr discussing both the original and new Bail applications).