Recent News from the Courts on Syed vs State

Adnan's conviction was vacated by Baltimore Circuit Court in late June 2016, following the PCR hearing that February. Since then both sides have appealed aspects of the conviction.

There will be a public hearing for Adnan's case on 8 June 2017 at 2pm.

The State took out an appeal against Adnan's quashed conviction, and that (and Adnan's counter appeal) will be decided by the Court of Special Appeals in Annapolis, Maryland's second highest court. The court is open to the public, although seating is apparently limited. Directions are here. Adnan will not be able to attend because Md. law doesn't allow him that right, but the court have given permission for multiple media organisations to film the proceedings. This public hearing stage of the appeals is called "Oral Arguments" and attorneys for both sides will be questioned by a panel of three judges. The discussions will be strictly limited to the issues which are being appealed. There were four new legal briefs submitted - read them here.

Also since the Baltimore Court granted Adnan a retrial, he applied for Bail which was denied, this wasn't surprising given COSA's outstanding interest and the State's opposition. However in late January Adnan's lawyers filed an application for leave to appeal this bail denial and this bail appeal will also be considered by COSA.

Further analysis of the arguments made in these briefs can be found on Undisclosed's pre-hearing episode, MD attorney Erica Suter's blog, and also several blog posts from Prof. Colin Miller in the last few months.


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