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Current status of the Syed vs State case

Although Adnan's conviction was overturned by Baltimore Circuit Court in late June 2016, the case was, as expected, taken to yet another appeal so it went back to the Court of Special Appeals. We are waiting for the final stage of the appeal process, that is for the judges to publish their opinion.
There is no formal deadline for this. Although COSA meets its target to complete 80% of cases within nine months of a hearing, for Adnan's appeal that expired in Feb/March 2018, so now we don't have any idea how much longer the system will take. Several commentators suggest that once the decision is announced, the 'losing' side will appeal up to Maryland's highest court, whatever the outcome from COSA.

You can listen to the audio file of the 2017 COSA hearing (shared on Google Drive by one of Adnan's supporters who collected a CD Rom copy from the court!) or find out more in reports from ABC, Baltimore Sun, Seema Iyer's Bollywood Lawyer podcast and a blog from Maryland Appellate lawyer Erica Suter and also Undisclosed. Adnan's attorney Justin Brown has set up a page on his blog about the situation and where he will post news of a decision. It is likely the news will break via his Twitter account.


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